The benefits of out of office meetings

Meeting with clients? Company training day? Or you just need a change of scenery? No matter what your requirements, our expert team of event managers will find the best setup for you. There is a range of benefits that come from hosting meetings and conferences in a new environment, our personal favourite benefits are as follows:

Better communication

In a new environment, employees are more likely to share their ideas and thoughts than in a traditional office setting. This is all because the introduction of a new environment, seating structure, and the lack of formal hierarchical layout levels the playing field, breaking down the invisible barrier between employer and employees. Employees will be more comfortable cooperating with one another, sharing their strategies, proposing new plans of action, and enjoying a less restrictive space.

Increased Productivity

Strong communication means strong concentration from everyone. They’ll be less absent minded checking of the phone and social media posts, resulting in higher productivity and focus. This increase in focus will allow your team to keep on track, creating business plans, proposing new schemes, and discussing the future of your company.

Improved technical services

No matter what you need, our team is here to help with any technical services you need. So if you need projectors, computers, printers, microphones, etc, we have you covered. If anything goes wrong, all you need to do is call for assistance and we’ll be there to help.

Easy meeting location for clients

Within distance of Manchester Airport, half a mile from Handforth train station and connections to the M6, M56 and M60, our location is a great meeting point for international or distance clients. We offer free parking to all delegates, so a meeting at Pinewood is simple.

We have four fully air-conditioned suites, each with unique benefits and a range of seating structures. We’re able to cater for up to 150 delegates, providing WIFI, stationary, and dining options to suit all budgets. Plus, with our no hidden extras policy all our packages include equipment hire, no matter how much you need.

Discover how you can take your meetings to the next level at Pinewood.

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